Thursday, January 14, 2010

the Lot, Sam's Cafe & Absolve

On the way to Cougar Power Hour held at the Lot next to Pearl bar on Washington and parking is ridiculous. We get into a altercation with a seemingly homeless guy about parking, apparently if the no parking sign is not on a pole cemented into the ground, it's not a city regulated sign. The owners around these bars put up no parking/tow signs, but HPD says if it's not a city sign, you can park there. We didn't want to take a chance so we parked across the street next to some run down looking shops. Lock your doors, it's best not to keep any valuables in the car, this area is still transitioning. So, we walk into the Lot, seen it, never been before prior to this, there's a taco truck, food smells so good, I'm tempted. Apparently, the food not only smells good, it really is good, say the bar patrons. The Lot is a small bar, Kat from the Fish (sushi restaurant in midtown) is a bartender there. Cute female bartenders in red tanks, red walls, and a few arcade games, typical bar, but way smaller. They don't seem really busy, but apprently the owner knows the committee head of the UH Alumni and will be holding more Cougar Alumni events in the future.

The Lot on Washington
4212 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007

Stop by Sam's Cafe on Studemont in the same shopping center as Quiznos next to Walgreens. It's a store front restaurant, but surprisingly, food is good. We had the orange chicken and it was reall good. Typically orange chicken is battered, but this was just barely and drenched with that orange/hoison sauce. It's a bit pricey, one dish was $12, with the addition of an extra bowl of rice, but it was a large dish. Two of us shared that one dish and we were pleasantly satisfied. The owner was accommodating, charged us for extra rice, which is fair. Somewhat similar set up to General Joe's Chopstix, but cleaner, way cleaner...and no pictures inside. Pictures are outside on the windows.

920 Studemont St.
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 861-1109

Next to Sam's Cafe is Absolve Wine bar. It's been on my to do list and at the suggestion of a friend, I finally made it over. I didn't like that it was in this particular shopping center, you're under the impression it's not going to be a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Surprise! It's super cozy inside, high ceilings, dark, rich colors, nice rich decor, large naked paintings, and incredibly tall thin bamboo-like trees with bark cut neatly and clustered in tall vases around the room. Someone asked me if it was "better than Tasting Room". I said it was different. At TR you go to see and be seen. At Absolve you go to be with your company. Cheese plate was excellent. I could've done without the blue cheese brie, but I'm not a fan of blue cheese and I know many are. I have found a new love...the Emmanthaler. My new favorite cheese. Yum! Excellent place to take a small group you'd like to have converation with.

920 Studemont St. Suite 150
Shops @ Memorial Heights Houston, TX 77007

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