Friday, April 30, 2010


Canopy is a new restaurant by the same owners of Shade.  I read an article that said the mural in the restaurant was a photo of the tree on the Rice campus where Claire Smith attended and another one of a tree in her backyard.  Just needless information, but it does have a large presence in the restuarant, so it's just a tidbit of information.  The restaurant has a retro modern vibe, woody, muted greens, etc.  I remember this building it used to house a wine bar, I forget the name.

I asked our waiter what was the most popular dish, she said it was the crispy chicken sandwich.  I subbed the blue cheese for cheddar at her suggestion.  When it came out, I kept thinking, damn this is so good!  I usually only eat half of my sandwiches, but this I almost ate the entire thing.  The chips are made in house.

I asked my dining mate what he thought, he thought it was awesome as well.  If you can get over the grease, I believe it had bacon, a crispy fried chicken, avocado, butter drenched bread, but man, it was soooo good!  We had the Ice Box Lemon cake, yum as well!

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