Thursday, May 20, 2010

Genghis Grill (I-10/Bunker Hill)

My sister is in town and she wanted to try this place, called Genghis Grill, near the new HEB, off of I-10 and Bunker Hill.  The concept is you pick your proteins and veggies from a buffet type bar.  Whatever you can fit into a 1.5 cup bowl.  You pick you salts and sauces and they just mix and grill it up on this enormously large circular grill. 

For not-so-creative types, or people that can't cook like me, they have these predesigned dish cards.  You just follow the instructions.  I got the Buddha's Delight card, and it was not tasty.  My mom's looked tasty, smelled tasty, but she said it wasn't very good either.  Each person is $10.  This place is similar to Dragon Bowl in the Heights.  It's not good there either!

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