Friday, May 7, 2010

Zelko’s Bistro (New in the Heights)

Zelko's, it's new on 11th St in the Heights.  The executive chef/owner Jamie Zelko used to be at Lancaster's.  Never heard of it, never been there.  But, her new restaurant has been much anticipated.  They finall got their restuarant up, which is in a house on 11th near Studemont.  The interior is, as my dining friend described it, french country chic.  It's a small space with hardwoods on the ceiling and brushed steel throughout the house, very comfortable atmosphere.

They had a full house when we arrived, but there's no wait, they sat us immediately.

No soup of the day the day we went so as a substitute they had this peas dish, it was light, crunchy and very good.  I was on a restrictive diet so I had the Seared Ahi Tuna salad, which I thought was fishy.  Cut off the cooked parts and fishyness gone.  My dish was just ok.

My dining friend had the fish tacos with plantains.  I had some of her plantains, oh my goodness it was good.  She said her fish tacos were good as well.  We finished off with the Ice Box Lemon cake, I cheated.  It was so good!  By the way, I have a key lime pie recipe that tastes just like this, if you'd like it, let me know!  Overall experience was very good.

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