Friday, May 28, 2010

I’m in love…(Rice Village)

Thanks To Diane Yoon, I now have a thriving relationship with Celebrity Cupcakes.  Oh-so-uber-cute cupcake shop in Rice Village on University Blvd, slightly pass Morningside, in a separate small center. 

My favorite is still the red velvet.  I had two this particular day I took this photo, I think 2 is too much.  As delicious as they are, I didn't feel too good after two.  But, I do know others that have had FOUR in one to each his own. I've had the red velvet, obviously, I talk about it all the time.

Also, had the lemon, which is good too.  Had a bit of the chocolate vanilla, which is good too.  I've had the fleurs de something, it's this chocolate cupcake that's pictured here.  They say it's one of the best, I think it'd be great for that time of the month fix.  ;)

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