Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bon Running Social @Tqla

A friend of mine has been bugging me about running with this group he joined, that meets and runs at Rice, called Bon Running Group.  At the time I was thinking Rice is too far!  But after Bon's social yesterday, I'm more open to the idea, maybe.  It's probably 10 minutes from where I live, so it's really not that far...but further than the Memorial park which is right down the corner from me.  So, Bon  had a big social yesterday at Tqla where I learned more about this running group.  I must say it's a great idea.  They run, then after drink, eat and socialize.  Not sure how I feel about drinking after running, but overall, it sounds like a fun idea.  I don't think there's much out there like it now.  I will probably try to make it out next month after my other commitment is over.  Anyways, for more information  They also have a group that meets at City Centre and the Woodlands.

On a side note, has anyone actually been running in this freezing weather?  It's been almost two weeks since the half marathon and I've made it out to run ONCE!  I feel fat.

Anyways, while chatting it up with T, David, OG, Jae and new friend Anand. I order some food...I get the shreded chicken tacos on corn tortillas on the happy hour menu, $2.  They're really small, but looking back, I think I could have eaten one and have been fine.  I thought they were pretty tasty.  No photos, sorry, must do better with the food pics.  Does anyone really care to see food pics anyways, I mean everyone does it.  Who cares right?  Do you really need photos?  Either way, must pay better attention.  I don't have food photos, but I did take a photo of my new friend, Anand.  Super fun, extroverted, smart and a nice looking guy.  I am on a mission to set him up!  Also, I've mentioned in my first blog about Tqla, but goodness holy gracious I must mention it again. The salsas are so yummy!  Warm chipotle and the pineapple green sauce, so good.  It's tempting to eat more than you should.  Ok, that's it for now...hope to see you on track at Rice next month!
Me and Jose Cuervo...or whatever his name is...

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