Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Part 2

Ok, so I went back for red velvet, raspberry and strawberry to take to my girlfriends who hadn't heard about Sweet.
So I decided to get some Macaroons because the few people I know have been raving about them. I got the vanilla. It looks like a teeny weeny burger.
It's just bigger than the size of a quarter.  I thought it was really I went back...
and got another, this time the Lemon, which I liked better.  It's $1.50 for one and packaging is cute too!
I was hoping to split the cupcakes with my girlfriends, but we couldn't coordinate early enough so I went ahead and had my raspberry.  I thought it was really good.  Raspberries in the cake too.  Icing delicious, cake was really moist and tasty too.  Overall, very pleased with it.  I think the Strawberry cupcake's icing looks much better today than it did yesterday.  So far I'm very pleased with everything I've tried here, I definitely recommend Sweet.

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  1. Hi Soo, thank you for visiting us TWICE! =) we really appreciate it and look forward to seeing you again! Our custom packaging for ALL quantities that'll make easy for carrying will come in April! and until then we'll have LOTS more added and changed at our place! very excited! thanks again!