Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beck's Prime on a Beautiful Day!

Apparently, not everyone likes the veggie burger at Beck's Prime, like their own employees! Well, one in particular, knocking the veggie burger, he was...what does he know about good veggie foods, I told him his coworker doesn't look like he eats veggie burgers...haha!  Totally kidding.

I love it though, but Jay tried it and didn't like it so much either, said it had a Mediterranean flavor to it. Sweet potato fries are crispy and good!  Jay had the bacon cheeseburger, says it's really good...and speaking from past experience the hamburger is really good too, a big fat patty and mesquitey flavor...soooo good...mm mm...
Lamar students breaking away to enjoy this beautiful day.  I guess schools let kids eat off campus these days.

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