Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bernie's Burger Bus (Sackett near Westheimer)

So Ryan tells me about this burger place, insists I must go, but he doesn't know the name or's all very mysterious, I'm intrigued.  We pull up...ok...different, ok...definitely has character...I already like it, but what is it?
What it is, is Lizzard's Pub with Bernie's Burger Bus parked on the side.  They are not affiliated.  The owner of Lizzard's Pub is kind enough to let BBB park, provide food, do their own thing and patrons can sit and buy a beer or drinks at Lizzard's Pub and sit and enjoy their patio.  Awesome casual atmosphere, great quiet tree lined street surrounded by bungalow homes occupied by commercial businesses.

The owner, Justin, who's burger bus is named after his grandfather Bernie, has been operating this bus here since October, but I wanna say he said he's been in the business for 15 years...don't quote me on that.

Justin is super friendly and you can tell he chats a lot with his customers, he's got his window lean down.  Ok so, here's the menu on the side of the bus, it's pretty simple, but also creative and fun.  All the menu items follow a school theme...the principal, substitute, bully, detention, the preschoolers, kindergartners, etc.  

I get a classic burger called the Principal (Traditional approach to the classic American burger with mustard, ketchup, pickle, thin sliced onions, shredded lettuce, and slow roasted garlic tomatoes $7).  I thought it was pretty good.  It had a different flavor to it, but I couldn't put my finger on...then I realized maybe it's like a slight worcestershire flavor.  Under "extracirricular activities", since they ran out of sweet potato fries, I get the handcut fries, which I thought were good too, nice and just the right amount of salt.

Ryan gets the Substitute (Burger topped with a bleu cheese, thick sliced crispy bacon, burgundy laced mushrooms and Bernie’s Tipsy caramelized onions $8 or $9 I forget).  He said his was good, said he really liked it.  

They make their own condiments, ketchup texture looked a little different, but they both tasted like good ol ketchup and mustard, just the way I like.  Nobody likes gourmet ketchup or natural ketchup that doesn't taste like ketchup, right?

Justin brings out this Truffle Laced Hand-Cut Fries w/ Parmesan and Green Onions.  I liked it, but since Ryan doesn't eat fries, I ate most of the handcut fries and was kind of french fried out by the time he brought out this free order of fries, which was awfully nice of him.  I did have a few bites though.  I liked the combination of the parmesan on the fries, that was different.  When they say something is truffle laced, I can never taste truffle laced popcorn.  But, the person I'm with usually can, maybe I need more refinement or maybe they're just lying!  What is it supposed to taste like?  I have no idea.  Am I the only person that relates the word "truffle" to chocolate?   Or maybe it's like the Emperor and his invisible coat, like all these chefs are telling us these things are laced with truffles when in reality it's not and it's just for us to be like "ooh yes, I taste it, it's magnificient"...when truffles.  Ok, anyways I digress, I wished I could have tried the sweet potato fries...more reason to come back!

Overall, I liked my whole experience.  I loved the charm and character of the whole idea.  This mobile school bus burger concept parked off a side street found, either by word of mouth or you accidentally fell upon it.  It's just stinkin cool.  This kind of business you hope that the food is good because the idea is so cool...and you sit down and eat and the food IS good.  I'm gonna be honest, it's not the best burger I've had, not that I expected it to be, but it was a dang good burger and tasty and satisfying, good fries.  But, the best thing about this place is that they make all their own ingredients FROM SCRATCH!!  That's just so unusual.  Organic grass-fed black angus beef (have you seen how these conglomerate companies raise and process beef? If not, trust me you'll appreciate grass-fed beef), condiments made FROM SCRATCH, that's just so strange...even the bun!  No perservatives or chemicals.  What is the world coming to...a fast food joint...located in a mobile school bus...that serves burgers and fries with all natural ingredients.  This whole concept is just so weird...I love loved it all!  It's got such an unpretentious, casual, fun, ogranic quality, the whole thing I just loved.  I'll be back for those extracirricular sweet potato fries!

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