Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Petrol Station

Finally get someone to go with me to try the food. Ryan is starting to look like my hole in the wall burger partner. Petrol Stattion is just cool. Located in Garden Oaks off the beaten path. You won't just run into this joint, someone told you about it or you were invited to join a small group. Unassuming, small when you enter, but the longer you stay, you like it even more. It's surprising how crowded it gets, but not too crowded that you can't move around. Though, sometimes you're left standing at the bar for some time.

Mostly unfamiliar beers on tap, bar is small, inside is small, an hour wait for food. Someone told me that they don't usually say anything is the best, but that they actually thought the burger here was maybe one of the best they've ever had. The burger was good, the meat was thick and juicy and actually flavorful. But, I asked for mustard no mayo and they got neither right. I stood at the bar to get a knife and to no avail, I was left there standing trying to get someone's attention, after 10 minutes left to scrape the mayo off with a napkin. I wasn't very hungry, so I probably wasn't in the right mode and may have enjoyed it much more if I was.

The regular fries are nothing to write home about, I forgot to order the "other" fries. They have feta and some other style, I forget. I'll have to try for next time. They have outdoor seating in the front and back. It's quite comfortable and simple. While I was there, every table was taken.

Overall, I definitely like the casual atmosphere, I'll have to go back and give the burger another try. But, I still thought the burger was good, regardless, but, I didn't think it was the best. So, don't go in there thinking that's the case, I probably had grandiose expectations. While it is a good burger, I don't think it's the best. I liked the atmosphere for a casual mood, which is my favorite kind of mood. Ok, go and try and have fun.

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  1. I agree, Petrol's burger is only okay. It's more about the beer. They have one of the best craft beer selections in Houston. Check out taplister.com for the beers they host.