Friday, March 11, 2011

I <3 Celebrity Cupcakes

Cupcakes again???  I know, it's scary how often I go. I took Susan by today to pick up some cupcake minis for her and Kirk and ran into an old college friend, Thao and her girlfriend and a total of 3 kids between them. As a matter of fact, while we were all sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and eating our cupcakes another asian girl walks up to the cupcakery.  Wow, all three sets of patrons were asian females. Even yesterday, asian females.  Men...I don't know what it would do for your image hanging out at a cupcake shop with other guys, but that's all I'm saying.

By the way, Thao said Cele Cupcakes is her favorite cupcake spot too. Said she came specifically to try the Italian Cream cupcake, it's new, I had a mini and it's yummy.  It was sweet, has substance, and is moist though it's small.  I just love these minis because they're so easy to eat.  It's not messy at all and in two bites you're done.

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