Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Les Givrals Try #2

On try #2 of Les Givrals on Washington, since my first visit wasn't too favorable. This time I return with a groupon and a friend happy to be used and treated before my groupon expires.

Last time, I got the vermicelli and a tofu spring roll and wasn't very happy with either.  They both were so tasteless, which is a mystery to me since most of it is just fresh ingredients.  Maybe it was the fish sauce. This time with much heeded advice I had the banh mi #1 (charbroiled pork). The bread was nice and crispy like it was fresh out of the oven or at least it tasted like it.  The amount of veggies and cilantro were good, overall very fresh ingredients.  I felt like my sandwich was a bit roomy, it could of used a few more pieces of pork.  The bread to the ingredients ratio was a little off, but overall it met my requirements.  Add the spicy chile sirracha stuff and it's perfect.  The banh mi was $3.  I think I wondered with this nice new building would the food cost more, but no...I think it's pretty much the same as the one in downtown.  Jay got the rice dish with charbroiled pork. He liked his dish and I liked my banh mi...success, this time!

My conclusion is it's a decent spot to go for vietnamese food if you're closer to the west end of the inner loop and away from downtown. Little tidbit, Rice Military used to be called West End back in the day. I think one day, we're going to look back and say, did you know Katy used to be considered west houston? It's not a secret, Houston is estimated to double in population by 2035. Real Estate is cheap now, trust me, carpe diem! I'm in real estate, so if you or anyone you know needs a real estate expert, call me, I'd love to help you find your perfect home or sell it and find you a new perfect home!


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