Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today at the office, I'm paged that I have a delivery. I come down and am surprised by a client holding a beautifully arranged yellow orchid from Buchanan's Plant Nursery. An unfortunate turn of real estate events brought her to my office with this sweet and thoughtful gesture. It's not that I really thought I was at fault for the turn of events, but oddly I had a couple of disturbing and unpleasant dreams the last couple of days about the situation. The card attached was just what I needed. I'm left but thinking about how powerful thoughtful words and the smallest gestures have. Something good to remember about how to bless others.

By the way, Buchanan's Plant Nursery is oddly one of my favorite places to get staging furniture and pieces. Some of my favorite pieces are from Buchanan's, located off of 11th st near Arlington. One of the best plant nurseries in my opinion and staff are friendly and very helpful too.