Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whole Foods Market - Montrose OPENED!!


Jodie and I visit Whole Foods Market Montrose today and it was so much fun!  It's really exciting to have a WFM in our hood.  The energy inside is amazing.  Everybody is ecstatic about the opening, including the staff.  Guess I won't be going to the Kirby location much anymore.

It's a nice set up and feels about the same size as the original location, but designed completely differently as far as layout is concerned.  There were a lot of similar things in their meals/food section, but my staples weren't present, which I was disappointed about.  Today, I had my regular salad and tried some Indian food.  I was in the mood for some spice and wanted a kick of flavor, so I reached for the Indian food, very satisfying.  It's in the corner of my lunch crate.  Jodie had the Blackened tilapia, macroni and cheese, and fruit salad.  For dessert, Jods and I had this decadent fruit cup.  The only probablem was the fruit.  It kept getting in the way!  The chocolate wafer was so divine!  Tasted like chocolate and toffee, so good!

On a side note, isn't it awesome that it's been raining all day?!!

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