Thursday, June 9, 2011

Up at Highland Village

Oops, did you miss it?  The new Up Restaurant is located on the third level of this building next to Cole Haan, adjacent to Smith & Wolensky's in Highland Village.  Yeah, you actually have to look "up" for it.

Elevator "up", interesting.  Goregous lobby.  I think the interior is so chic, nice and bright, just gorgeous.  It doesn't feel like you're in Houston, actually.  Janice and I decided to split the Chicken Salad and at our server's recommendation, the Short Ribs Pizza.  Pizza was not good, which I should've known since it had Roqufart, not a fan.  I thought the Chicken Salad was good. We finished off with the Lemon Tart that was okay too.  Coffee was fine.  Food overall, just ok, atmosphere very nice.  Our server was just way too attentive.  We couldn't have a flowing conversation because he kept interrupting us.  I think he must be new to the business.  It was actually pretty distracting.  The manager did stop by right after one of the many interruptions by our server.  We wished they would leave us alone for a bit, which is rare. 

They did have a nice curtain sectioned off area, looked ideal for a special group lunch or occasion.  Bar was nicely done as well.  Lots of marble in this restaurant, including the restrooms.  Design is beautiful.  Food, service, could be improved.  Overall experience was just ok.

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