Friday, June 3, 2011

Burger Guys (Westheimer/Kirkwood)

I've been hearing somethings about Burger Guys, naturally it ends up on my hit list.  Today, I'm on this side of town and I think...perfect opportunity!  I actually have a hard time finding it even with Googlemaps, notice how small the sign is.  Not the most noticeable sign I've evern seen.  I think they like the color purple.  Walking in, it's not quite what I was expecting, decor looks somewhat amatuer.  But, the staff is super friendly, so you tend to overlook it.  I feel like they're looking at me curiously, so I blurt out, I blog.  I think it's like a nervous tick or something.

I order my buffalo burger, she asks me me fries or onion strings.  I reply "which is better?"  She says..."fries", I say, "fries it is".  She then asks me, "what kind of dipping sauce would you like?"  I say, "which is best?"  She says, "chipotle aioli and the cilantro jalapeno aioli".  I say, "that's what I'll have!"...she smiles.

I get my cup, walk over to the drink machine...awesome!  I love it!  Never seen these flavors before.  Not your typical sodas, but options like vanilla creme, cherry limeade, root beer, etc.  I get the cherry limeade.  They bring out my fries in this cute deep fryer.  It's much bigger than BRC's deep fryer...much bigger.  I don't really taste the cilantro jalapeno aioli, but I do like the chipotle aioli.  My burger comes out, it looks like it's burnt to a crisp, super charred.  I bite into hot hot!  I think I burned my lip.  It's pretty well done, I remember they asked and I said "medium".  Oh well.  It's pretty good.  Decent, in comparison to some I've tried.  Not the best, doesn't even compare to Mockingbird Bistro's Kobe burger or even Queen Vic's.  But, it's definitely good...definitely better than 5 Guys.

Good experience.

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