Thursday, October 27, 2011

Haven (Upper Kirby)

I read Haven described as "Texas centric", so, I was expecting something similar to Rainbow Lodge.  It's that cabin in the woods type feel, woody, built on logs possibly, rustic, very Texas, you know?  When I arrived, I thought, hm...a pretty modern and sleek design, not what I was expecting.  It's even nicer once inside.  Low lit lighting, warm colors, cozy, nice patio, pretty fancy.

Our server was horrible.  Thank God we had Patrick, who was training, recently moved from Masraff's.  He was helping the servers, cleaning our table and suggesting dishes   He had more personality in his pinky than our assigned server.  I don't think our server said 2 words to us.  We ordered:

Torn Greens Salad $9
Akaushi Steak $32
Gulf Fish, Jumbo Crab in Coconut Curry $32
Bread Pudding
Chocolate Mousse Cake

I thought my steak was a bit bland and I tried some of Janice's Fish and thought it was tough.  She said the same things, flavorless and overcooked.  They suggested the Bread Pudding, said it was the most popular and best, but Patrick also suggested the Chocolate Mousse Cake and so we got both.  We thought the Chocolate Mousses was better.  The Bread Pudding was nothing special.  Janice noticed how fast our food was coming out and commented how it was the fastest dining experience she's ever had.  I don't think she meant that in a good way. 

I still think it's a nice place to go for a special occasion.  I'm sure not all their food is blah.  I hear they change their menu or rather make variations to the menu every month.  Their ingredients are locally grown.  It's a nice atmosphere for sure.  Though my steak was flavorless, the sauce was nice.  I've noticed when I take steak home that is blah, eat it later, it tastes much better as leftovers.  Maybe we just expect too much when we're dining out.  Although, I have had great steaks in restaurants as well.  Del Frisco's being one of them.  Overall, I thought the atmosphere was nice, the food was okay.  

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