Monday, October 17, 2011

Canyon Creek Cafe (Washington/Wescott)

It's about time, I know.  Canyon Creek Cafe has been opened for almost a year, I think, and I'm just now visiting.  If you've been to one, you've been to them all.  Everybody knows, Onion Creek, Cedar Creek, Dry Creek, all same owner.  I like this's really dark outside, the lights are just right and gives off a really cozy vibe.  It's pretty big, but narrow, I think even bigger than Cedar Creek. 

I get a Michelada and I ask the bartender if he can make it a specific way.  With Micheladas, you get every gamut from horrible to good.  He suggests I try his recipe and yeah, I totally loved it!  Better than my recipe.  His name is Matthew, if you want to try his version.  Very tangy and spicy, exactly the way I like it!

I wasn't hungry for dinner, so I just got the hummus and pita and Stu got the turkey burger with sweet potato fries.  The sweet potato fries were good, but he said the turkey burger was just ok.  The hummus and pita were good, but different from the usual hummus and pita from their other cafes.  Actually, their entire menu is different.  They had a $5.50 cupcake.  I was slightly tempted, but I'm sorry, there is no way I'm paying $5.50 for a cupcake from a place that doesn't specialize in cupcakes.

The outside patio is large and narrow, cozier than Cedar Creek, I think.  I like this cool mural on the patio outside.  It's of the Austin scene.  My photos came out a little dark, it's actually better lit than my photos portray.  Isn't it cozy looking?  It is!  It's bit dead tonight, but it could be an anomaly.  Ok, cheers to trying new things!

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