Saturday, December 17, 2011

Petite Sweets (Upper Kirby)

In the home of the former yogurt shop that I've never been to.  I think the location is probably a little more hidden and hard to find than hoped for.  It's really not a sexy location and it's always pretty empty when I drive by.  My former roommate was in town and was craving frozen custard, apparently the new hot trend.  We do some searching and Petite Sweets pop up and since it's been on my to do list, that's where we're going.  We're pretty excited about it too.

Petite Sweets is a joint effort by owner of BRC and Ruggles Green.  They had cleaned out the yogurt machine so we end up getting the packaged frozen mango custard from the refrigerator.  I ask Petite Sweets man to recommend one in each category, so we get the pumpkin spice macaron, carrot cake ball, bacon and something mini cupcake, I forget it's been at least a week since my visit, sorry.  We split them all and the only thing we thought was good was the macaron.  I mean, everything was so cute I was excited to be there, but the carrot cake ball was too wet and thick.  The mini bacon cupcake was just not good.  The frozen custard was ok.  Very disappointing experience.  Though my tasting experience wasn't very good, I'd probably give it another go. This time, pick my own favorite flavors.  The displays are really well done, very pleasing to the cupcake, sweets and everything-cute connoisseur!  :)

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