Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goo Dog Hot Dogs (Food Truck)

This food truck has been on my list of to dos for some time. Being lazy, I have not made an effort to find it's daily locations, but thankfully they were parked at Antidote for Lights in the Heights. I was so excited to have the chance to finally try it.

I asked them to recommend something, he said "Sunshine" or "Zapato" dog. I got the sunshine and wasn't crazy about the idea of cream cheese, but decided to just go with it. Diana got the Guac dog and we decided to split. I was really impressed and thought they were both really good! The cream cheese on the Sunshine wasn't overbearing and the pickled veggies added the perfect amount of tang. The Guac dog was a little more tamed, but equally good. It had a hint of smokiness. Both great choices! I was surprisingly impressed. The dogs were really good, almost tasted like a bagel dog. The bread was really good too, mo wonder it's artisan bread.
Sorry, so eager to eat, no photo of dogs.

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