Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maggie Rita's

New off of Shepherd near the tracks. There are hardly any cars in the parking lot. Jay and I were wondering if it was opened. We walk in, the manager says they are, so we go into the restaurant and the interior is not what we were expecting. With "rita" in the name, you think margarita, fun, festive Mexican, but no, it's four topped, black tablecloth on the tables with folded black napkins on table settings in a dining area. There are three sets of customers, including us. We contemplate leaving but quickly decide that's rude behavior. So we sat through sub par chips and salsa and they totally screwed up both of our orders. The sweet potato chips were really good though. We both ordered 1 entree 2 sides, but what came out was 2 entree, me 1 side, Jay 2 sides and our sides switched. Our server kept saying it was his first day and later when Jay had mentioned that our orders were mixed and wrong, he responded with "cut me some slack".

I give this place 6 months.

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