Monday, January 9, 2012

Money Cat Brunch

November 2011, OKRA Organized Kollaboration on Restaurant Affairs was founded by Montrose's best restaurant/bar owners bringing back Money Cat Brunch fundraisers.  Money Cat chefs and collaborators Yu, Justin Vann, Ecky Parabanto, and David Buehrer got back together for another Money Cat Brunch at Paulie's January 8, 9am-4pm.

After brunch is over, attendees are encouraged to walk to either Poison Girl or Anvil, where all drink sales from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. will go to support OKRA and by extension the independent restaurants, bars, and other branches of the food industry in Houston.

They had quite an interesting array of menu items including a dish described as "guts & glory" and other scary and unappetizing descriptions.  The one dish we oohed and awwed about was the Rice Cake dish.  That was delicious!  Reminded me of the Rice Cake dish from Tan Tan, but even better!

It was defnitely an interesting event, if you get a chance to go,'s fun.

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