Thursday, January 5, 2012

Triniti (Shepherd/Westheimer)

I can't tell you how long this restaurant has been on my to do list, at least a year, I think.  I had kind of lost interest to tell you the truth.  But, I had heard they were open on Christmas or something, so the idea was fresh in my mind and turns out they are finally open.  I was surprised to learn of it's location, as I don't remember seeing anything near the area.  It's located in the former Crome building off of Shepherd near Westheimer.  It's with executive chef/owner, Ryan Hildebrand, formerly with Gravitas, and other talented chefs joined with MC2 architects.  It's aesthetically really nice, clean lines, earthy colors and textures, airy, light and tons of sunlight...and so spacious!

Just thinking about the service, wow, top notch.  Our server, Ray, was excellent.  Very attentive, his timing was great on everything.  I used to work in a restaurant and timing is so hard to get down, sometimes.  There was so much attention to detail, down from the bread that was delivered...I love bread, so I always notice it.  Especially, when it's not good quality bread.  Their bread was fresh out of the oven, butter to a perfect temperature, not too cold where u can’t spread it.  The manager came by and greeted us, the water guys were very attentive, the entire staff was very friendly.  It was excellent service, I was very impressed.

The portions are extremely small. If you're really hungry, it's not the place to go.  At our server's recommendation, we got the Dewberry Chicken, which was super flavorful and nice textures, very good.  We also got the Chicken and Dumplings, which was really good too and I liked more than the highly recommended Dewberry Chicken.  It was like comfort food for skinny people!

We were totally up for dessert since we were still hungry.  He recommended the Pistachio Semi Fredoo.  I love pistachio ice cream or desserts, but I find a lot of places don't quite get it right.  This was delicious!  Creamy and I could taste the pistachio, and the chocolate shortbread with the pistachio and sugar crumbs, all together was just so so good.  But...I’m still hungry.

Jay agrees and thinks this restaurant is going to do really well.  He liked the atmosphere, food and service as well.  He thinks it's great for business folks looking for more of a nice place to talk and do business than to chow down and eat.

 I enjoyed my visit very much and am raving about it. You have to go try it, it's just a neat restaurant, food was good, and service excellent.

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