Monday, February 4, 2013


I had heard about these rental bikes set up around Houston some time ago and I really just wanted to rent one because I knew they had baskets on them, so I could take the dogs out on a beautiful day. Well, I finally got a chance to rent it this weekend with Matt, Ethan and we brought the dogs of course. I wished I had taken a photo of us because it was so nice getting to do it. It's called B-cycle and it's a program that is being implemented in many Texas cities including San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. It's really neat, you just find a station you want to rent it from, choose how long you want to rent it for and then pay by credit card and it releases your bike! You can pick up from any of the station and drop off at any of the other stations. It's really cool, we rented from GRB and rode from downtown to UHD on bike trail and then to Target and back. It was such a nice day, there were a ton of people out and we got a lot of cool stares. For more information and bike stations, go to

We liked it so much, we ended up going to Bike Barn and buying new bikes for us all!  Both Matt and I got these really fun Trek comfort bikes.  He just fell in love with the light pastel green with brown seat bike and I got the black one...just kidding.  We purchased a few extra accessories I got a wicker basket for the handle bars and a rack and a iron basket on the back for Cody.

We have not had a chance to ride them yet, but we are jumping out of our skin excited to this weekend!  Don't the dogs looks so excited about their new G-ride?! 

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