Saturday, February 23, 2013

Indika Restaurant



Matt is always wanting to go eat Indian food, the one food I'm not a huge fan of.  In the past, I've gone to several places because of coworkers, but it's never been my favorite kind of food.  Being someone that eats a lot of vegetarian foods, you would think I'd be more inclined to Indian food, but no, not really.  I actually think the flavors are not bad, it's the textures I'm not a fan of.  However, I've had it enough to know I am not big on Indian food.  It's a little weird, but thinking back, I have on occasion chosen the Indian food at Whole Foods Market, but their Chicken Masala is not that great.

So today, Matt really wants to eat Indian food and I am feeling a little yielding so we decide, not Bombay this time, but Pondicherri.  However, on the way, he realizes he's been there many times and so we decide on something new that neither of us have tried, Indika.  I'm feeling a little adventurous so I tell him to lead on picking our dishes.  Together, we decide on the Blueberry Kale Salad (Spiced cashews, moong sprouts, Texas cheese, $9), Lamb Chops (3 small chops, $20ish), and the Vegetarian Tasting (5 dishes of their vegetarian best, $20).  By the time we finish submitting our order, our server comes out with a complimentary starter.  It tasted like pumpkin bread with yogurt, it was great!  Next our salad comes out, they go ahead and split the salad for us, very convenient, thank you chef.  The salad is nice, it's good.  All the different textures and flavors, very nice.  The lamp chops and vegtarian plate comes out...I am very impressed.  The lamp chops were so tender and good.  The vegetarian dish...loved it!  The textures and flavors were really complimentary and different at the same time.  I think every little dish had pomegranate seeds.  It was very good, I liked it all.  While we are paying the bill, our sever comes out and brings this warm shortbread cookie.  Oh my word, it was soooo good!  If they sold those somewhere, I would buy them.  I need to go back, it was so good!  If you would like to go, let me know, I would love to accompany you!

PS. I'm really liking my photos with my Nikon D7000.  It's a little inconvenient carrying it around, but anything for you all!

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