Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kanomwan Thai Restaurant (Telephone Rd)

Ta da!  Here it is...finally...better photos!  After hearing over and over again about how horrible my photos are (From my iPhone, what do you expect!), I have finally conceeded and decided to take my big Nikon 7000 camera out with me on a new restaurant excursion...just for all of followers.  But, I must comment...even though you all gripe about my horrible photos...if I take you somewhere new...don't be embarrassed when I bust out the big camera, as pictured here...see Chris hiding behind a menu.

The past few years I have really been into Thai food, probably since I went to Thailand a few years back.  I have my favorite places here, but a little while ago I was at Asia Market and ran into a client and he was saying there was this really authentic Thai restaurant, comparable to Asia Market and Thai Gourmet, located on Telephone Road.  Secretly, I knew I would never visit it because it's on the east side of downtown. But, I happen to make plans with one of my friends who works out that way and thought this would be a great opportunity to visit.  It was really weird, I was really excited to go.  I love hearing about restaurants by word of mouth.  It's the best way to discover new great restaurants!

The decor has a very authentic feel to it.  Not necessarily authentic Thai, but authentic because they're of that generation where their primary goal is to take a space and operate out of it and to focus on the food and not spend a lot of energy jazzing it up.  That's authentic Asian!  You definitely do not go there for the ambiance.

We ordered the Thai tea, which was good, the egg rolls (2), $1.95.  They were vegetarian and were excellent.  For entrees we ordred the Pad Ka Pao (stir fry chicken breast, garlic, onion, and basil leaves) $8.95, delicious.  Chris said he thought it was really tasty, but a tad to salty.  I didn't think it was salty and agreed it was really good.  It had good spicy flavor, but the portion was really small.  The Gang Kyo Wan Gai (special green curry chicken breast, basil leaves, bamboo shoots) $7.95 was just ok.  The Gai Pad Prig Phao (sliced chicken breast with chili paste and cashews) $8.95 was horrible.  It had such a very strong fishy taste to it, even Chris said so.  I could not eat it.  I was amazed I didn't spit it out. 

Overall, I thought was it was a good option for Thai food, but the location makes it a little inconvenient to go to regularly.  The portions are small, and you definitely have to know what to order.  Side note, I asked our server to recommend dishes, I let her pick the third dish and that was the dish I could not eat.

p.s. if you're wondering what was up with the one side shot of my rear...Chris thought it was important to note that I was sitting on a napkin over the chair.  All I have to say is...hello, wearing white! 

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