Thursday, May 23, 2013

Southside Espresso (Next to Uchi)

I have been meaning to and looking forward to trying Southside Espresso.  Are they related to Uchi?  I don't know, forgot to ask.  I really liked the interior, it's cute, airy, lots of light.  They made my cappaccino with soy and this cute design, love it!  I do have a few complaints, they put too much milk and not enough foam.  There was no equal, but I had to use Stevia, which I have never used and wasn't sure how much to use.  I was looking for cinnamon and they didn't have that out either.  The barista had to look for it and pulled out a large ziplock bag with a lot of cinnmon and handed me some on a spoon, which was very nice and accommodating of her.  But, do I have to do the same thing everytime I want cinnamon?  I thought that was surprising to see a coffeeshop not have cinnamon on the condiments bar.  Anyways, I still liked it, the atmosphere is nice and quiet, staff cool.

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