Monday, June 7, 2010

Crapitto’s on Mid Lane

My lunch partner had a groupon for Crapitto's so today, we went.  I've always been curious about this place.  It's obviously a bit more upscale then your average Italian restaurant, based on location and the style of the restaurant.  It just looks like an old school Italian restaurant, not pretentious or trendy.  I'm not even going say anything aobut the name...Crapitto's???  Obviously, they don't care about impressions.  Only valet parking available with some off the street parking.

Often times, I'll go to an Italian resturant and there's not a light marinara dish I like, with no option but for me to make my own dish.  Here, I got the POLLO PAMELA  (grilled chicken, goat cheese & roma tomatoes with angel hair pasta & marinara $17).   Sounded like something right down my alley.  Took a bite, yum.  I liked it.  It had all the ingredients I liked, well put together, and very tasty.

My lunch buddy got the CHICKEN PAVOROTTI  (sauteed chicken breast, artichoke hearts, mushrooms & alfredo sauce with rosemary potatoes & sauteed spinach $15).  The chicken was excellent, the spinach and potatoes kind of bland.  We finished off with cappucinos, which was a bit too much liquid and not enough foam, but strong and good nevertheless.  Overall experience, pretty good.  They have a very cute outside patio, which we didn't take advantage of because the weather is so humid and yuck right now.  Prices are a bit high, but it's a nice place for business folk and something different.

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