Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phil’s BBQ (Washington/Heights Blvd)

Finally, open.  Apparently, it's the daughter of Otto's BBQ.  Tried it with my bbq eating buddy.  It's a nice building, very new and spacious, lots of empty space.  They should get an interior designer in there to have a cozier vibe.  It feels empty and cold.

You walk in and there is a line, standard bbq cafeteria style. 

There's a menu, but you can pick it as you go as well.

Other side, has a bar set up with tables and tv.

The ribs...are ribs.  The sauce was good, better than Hickory Hollow or Pizzitola's Spareribs.  I got the garlic chesse grits, which were fine.  The coleslaw I liked, it wasn't mayonaisey. Potato salad was a bit bland.  I had my hopes up for Phil's Texas BBQ, but all in all, it was just decent. 

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