Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sprinkles a last…

It seems all of Houston has been patiently waiting for Sprinkles to arrive.  At first I couldn't find it, finally, found it.  It's in Highland Village where the old Gap used to be.  See at the top of this building you can see the words "Sprinkles" in light pink.  I just noticed this just now.  They need to make that MUCH bigger.  Lots of construction going on at the moment, but it's in a great location. 

It's the van in the parking lot I saw in locating the shop.  Apparently this van delivers and it opens up on the side like an ice cream truck.

Like so.

All is still and quiet...then you go inside...

Holy cupcake, it's super crowded inside!  First, it's a very small space and second, there's a lot of people!  When we get inside the line doubles around, when we leave, people are standing outside!

Didn't take a very good photo of the cupcake casing because of the crowdedness.

They have cute wooden ware...cute but not fun to lick cupcake off of.

They sell everything!  They even charge for the individual boxes to house your cupcake for take away.  Otherwise, you get a bag.

But for larger orders, you get a box.  Ok, ready to see the cupcakes?  Drumroll please...

They're smaller than Crave cupcakes, similar style, and not as maincured.  They had flavors I like, Lemon and Key Lime Pie.  I got those and the Red Velvet.  In my opinion, it taste similar to Crave.  I wasn't wowed, I was expecting a lot.  It was good though.  I'd probably go back again out of convenience.  Hopefully it won't be as crowded once the hype settles.  I still like Celebrity Cupcakes better...the cupcakes are not only cuter, but they tastes better too.

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