Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Boutique at the Houston Country Club!

The Christmas Boutique held at the Houston Country Club and invited by Michele B and I was told it was supposed to be like the Nutcracker Market, to which I was about to decline, but I heard it was supposed to be a really exclusive thing, much better than the Nutcracker Market and since Michele was inviting me and Angela, I decided to go.  Wow, was it better...much than the Nutcracker Market!  Much smaller in scale, but much better.

But before I go into detail about the boutique, check out the invitation.  Wow...interesting...

Lorraine Abercrombie decorate these trees!  They were like Christmas trees on sterioids!  I can't believe she did this, it was really nice and every inch of each tree was covered!

 Nice spread, I know, but amazingly I had only a small plate and was full.

This is a really bad photo, but I really liked the way this tree was decroated.  It had hydrangea, burlap bags, very simple, very French Country, totally my style. 

Maybe 50-60 booths in all.  I found several booths I liked, pictures below of my favorite things.

Sorry, shots overexposed and you can't see the detail.  I thought this diamond and gold pretzel necklace was so quirky and fun, $600.  These crosses were really nice too, I think my friend Rebecca has a similar cross to the one on the right, $300 or 400 something, I forget.  The one in the middle was cute too, diamonds were not full diamonds, I'm not sure how to describe it, you see a lot of the gold, less diamond, $500 something.  You can't see the size, but they were all very dainty, very small, probably less than half an inch.

I really liked these too.  They were very small and dainty.  The S of course.  They can do it in gold too.

I thought this was cute too, gold and small diamonds.

Shelter Wade Jewelers
7373 Broadway, Suite 106
San Antonio, TX 78209

I didn't want to look like a freak and take a photo of everything I liked.  But, I got business cards!  So if you need a baby shop, oh my gosh, they had such cute stuff! 

Itsy Bitsy Boutique
Susan Watt
3414 Eastside St
Houston, TX 77098

2805 Bee Caves Rd, Suite 414
Austin, TX 78746
coupon code: Holiday15 (offer expires 12/15/2010)

I did purchase some toffee, sooo good.  Enough in this package to share with a host of folks.  Too much for one person for sure.

Out of the Oven
Sheri T. Farmer
2380 Tammy Drive
Sulphur, LA 70663

They deliver!  Ok, that's enough for this entry.  Happy Shopping!

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