Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kraftsmen Cafe

I read that the old Textile restaurant in the Heights went out of business and now it's a bakery, same owners.  For our Tuesday sales meeting, Kevin with BBVA Compass brings us some baked goods, which was a nice introduction to the bakery.  I tried their strawberry pastry and didn't think much of it.  Today, I was driving to Starbucks and passed by it so I decided to go in, even though I wasn't quite in the mood for breakfast.
I've aways thought this was such a cool building.  It used to be an Oriental Textile Mill building in the Heights, then was Textile the restaurant and now Kraftsmen Cafe.

I hate this purple mural.  It makes the place feel ghetto or something and doesn't quite go along with the rest of the space.  I get that it's neat, someone drew it, maybe even with chalk, but it's just not aesthetically appealing and alters the atmosphere of a quiet little rustic cafe.

The interior was rustic, maybe even a little French country.

I had the chocolate croissant and a cranberry ginger scone, both good.

I loved the decor and furnishings.  I definitely want to come back and have breakfast or a coffee with a girl friend.

It's also a cafe.  They have pastries, full breakfast menu and coffee.  They also do catering for parties and sell wholesale.  Gawd, that mural is hideous!

To sum it up, I like the building, liked the interior, the idea of it, the breakfast and lunch I need to try.  I definitely want to go back with a girlfriend, but it's not in the most central location and so far I'm not a huge fan of the food, but I want it to do well because it looks cool.  We'll see...

Kraftsmen Cafe
611 W 22nd St
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 426-1300

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