Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tqla on Washington

No, it's not misspelled, it's short for Tequila.  On Washington next to 360 Sports Bar, Les Givral's and the Counter. 
Lots of stuff going on in this square and has a very retail look.

We sit at the bar, I order a frozen margarita.  It was pretty good, not as sweet and tangy, but pretty decent.  There is no way I could finish this, in fact, I only had 2 sips, OG finished it.

Our server/bartender said they have 175 different tequilas and a few on tap.  That's different, I'm not much of an liquor person, so I had no idea Tequila comes it tap.  There are some people that apparently love tequila.  A few people over had this wooden plate with shots and limes, looked pretty neat.

We decided to share and ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna.  If seared Ahi tuna isn't done well, things can go really awry.  Zelko's Ahi Tuna was so fishy, I had to cut off the edges.  Here, I thought the tuna was done well, didn't have a fishy taste and the salad mixture was good.  But, the chili powder or whatever it was so overpowering.  I thought it did the Ahi tuna a disservice.

We also get the beef and chicken enchilada.  The chicken enchilada is my litus test.  I thought it was good, but there was something about it that i didn't like, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  Maybe it's because I'm used to other restaurant's enchiladas, I don't know.  But, I'm not knocking it, it was good.  The rice had bits of corn in it, which I liked.  The beans, well can you go wrong with beans?  The beef version had that chili stuff on it again, very overpowering and after a few bites, I got used to it and kind of liked it, but still felt the chili powder was overpowering.

I forgot to mention the chips and salsa.  The chipotle salsa was warm and yummy, we had 2 bowls!  The green sauce had real pineapple, it was different and a nice break from the chipotle sauce.  We tried a beginner tequila, which I had a little taste and OG finished it.  It was not tasty to me, but then I don't find any liquor tasty, not a one.

Against our server's two suggestions, we get the chocoloate brownie and ice cream dessert.  It was a brownie with ice cream in a moat of chocolate fudge and pecans.  I was expecting it not to be very good, but it was actually very good, we devoured it!

Final analysis, it's very conveniently located, food is hit or miss, but overall good.  The staff were really friendly and accommodating.  The decor and atmosphere is colorful and a bit loud.  Lots of things going on like bright colors, back lighting, flames, etc.  If you're tired of the sports bar feel, well walk on over to Tqla, more of a sit down and eat place and less like a sports bar, but it does have some touches of a sports bar type environment, good change and combination of both.

4601 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007
(281) 501-3237

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  1. take tony here or tell him about it! he loves tequila!