Friday, May 13, 2011

District 7 Diner in Midtown

My first visit at District 7 Midtown, is that weird?  I've never known anyone to have gone there till I met Buddy.  He says they have a really good Mahi Mahi burger, so that's where we decide to go.  I order the Kobe beef burger at our server's suggestion and he got the seared tuna burger.  I'm always reluctant to try seared tuna anywhere other than a sushi or fine dining restaurant.  As we all know, I'm very sensitive to fishiness.  I tried his tuna burger and I didn't taste a hint of fishiness, that means it was good!  My Kobe burger was fairly good, not really Kobe, couldn't be.  I think all these restaurants having a Kobe item on their menu, which really isn't, I think, only raises expectations and aims to disappointment.  I digress.

Fries were nice fat diner fries.  I asked the owner, who's extremely outgoing and friendly, his name and I forgot it but it starts with a "P".  I'm sorry, bad blogger!  But, apparently, he used to own Table Seven off of Shepherd near BRC.  He said he sold it, but it was probably a good thing.  I blogged about Table Seven, had the blackened tostada, which was really good.  However, my lunchmates didn't like what they got, minus the other that had the same blackened tostada.  They have additional District 7 diners, one in the heart of downtown, for business professionals and another near the ball park. 

My overall experience was good.  Atmosphere has a good energy, busy and crowded, and food is good, staff good.  Definitely a great spot for downtown folks.

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