Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Revival Market in the Heights

Just opened a few months back.  Ryan Pera resigned from The Grove joined Morgan Weber of Revival Meats to open Revival Market in the old McCain's Market located on Heights and White Oak.  They sell locally reaised meats, prepare charcuterie (including freesh and cured sausages, pate and confits) and make their own condiments.  They also feature a deli, Slow Dough Bread Co and cheeses selected by Houston Dairy Maids, and also include ready-to-eat foods for carryout.

On opening I hadn't heard very good things, heard it was overpriced, it needs a lot of work, and hardly any seating, not to mention the food was just ok.  Needless to say, I didn't need to lower any expectations.  I was envisioning something just a little more decorated than McCains, but basically the same thing.  I took Jay with me and arrived first, which was great because I thought it was really cozy and cute inside, gave me enough time to walk around and snap some photos.  Lots of cool things, flavored olive oil like Oil & Wine in City Centre, but not as heavy of selection.  Locally grown veggies and fruits, that means healthy, but expensive.  I just thought it was really neat inside, they had herbs, teas, oils, veggies, fruits, cured meats, dairy, deli, sandwiches, etc.  Nice little local Heights shop.

At the suggestion of staff, I got the BLT with coleslaw and Jay got the Dog with salad.  I also got a cupcake, shoot, i forgot the name, it was the salt something.  Chocolate cake with a hard creamish top.  I liked my sandwich, I thought the bread was so soft and good.  The rest of it was a nice combination, thin, but good.  Jay got the dog, which I had a taste of and the bread was similar to that which comes with a bagel dog, good!  His salad was fine and the cupcake was fine.  I wouldn't be going there specifically to get a cupcake or anything, it is a cured meats market. 

To confirm the rumours, it was a bit pricey. They had the Vietnamese Sandwich, which is normally $3, for $8!!  That's outrageous!  Can't be better than a Vietnamese place, I'll have to try it next time.  Their seating area was small, maybe five small two top tables and a handful outside, but that was fine with me.  I thought it was a lot more beefed up than the old McCain's. It seemed full and the decor was nice.  They had much more items than McCain's sad little set up, I liked it, nice atmosphere.  They also get a decent crowd and staff, friendly.

By the way, they also had kimchi in the fridge!  I ased the guy behind the deli about it, he said the wife of the owner is Korean!  I like his taste! :)  Ok, definitely a go try.

Revival Market
550 Heights Blvd
Houston, TX 77008

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