Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food Truck Festival

It would seem, the food truck phenomenon is officially here in Houston. Most early FT innovators made their presence known at this years FT Festival this past weekend on HCC's west loop campus. Buzz worthy names like Bernie's Burger Bus, Oh My Gogi, Frosted Berry, all present with long lines or crowds formed at their windows waiting patiently for their number.

Oh My Gogi
With minimal options and at Oh My Gogi's suggestion, I ordered the beef quesadillas.  I rate it a 3 on a 5 scale.  Rebecca thought it was a 5!  I didn't like the sweetness.  It had kimchi in it too, interesting, I wonder what the non asians thought about it.  The guys at Oh My Gogi are not Korean.  Actually, I heard they're from Austin.  Most Houston-former-Austinites are familiar with these guys.  Before Reb tried the quesadilla she said she had tried the truck before in Austin and said it was ok.  Apparently she's changed her mind and loves it, said she's going to try to make the quesdilla at home.

Eatsie Boys
Also, minimal selections left, we ordered the Philly Cheesesteak at the suggestion of Eatsie Boys.  I thought this was really good, warm, crispy bread, steak was flavorful, and the cheese was different.  Not your typical cheese that comes with a philly cheese steak sandwich, but I did like it.  It looked like thousand island, but tasted subtly cheesy.  My rating was a 4, Reb's was 3.  I liked the branding of the Eastie Boys truck the most.  The guys were just oozing coolness.  The guy that helped us order had 80s looking pink sunglasses and he made them look really cool.  They seemed fun.

Green Seed Vegan
We got Kale chips and a brownie tasted healthy, not very good.  I liked the idea, but I don't recommend this truck at all.  They need to keep developing their items and make them tastier.

Fusion Taco 
At Fusion Taco's suggestion, we got the lettuce beef wrap and sweet potato fries.  To my surprise this was not only really good, but the best in my opinion.  This came in 4th for Reb, but I gave it a 5.  We both agreed the lettuce wrap was really good.  Good flavors, texture, cilantro, basil, yum, so good. The sweet potato fries were really good too.  Crispy and dressed with this creamy spicy sauce, that was delicious.  Fusion Taco is awesome, definitely a go try! 

Angie's Cake Balls

By the time we got here, there were only 3 flavors left.  Angie suggested the Ginger Beer and we liked that one.  We also got the vanilla on chocolate and that was disgusting to me.  It was all mushy and not worth the caloreis so, I spit it out. :)

I mostly just went to the known namers, the others I didn't want to waste stomach space on.  I thought Fusion Taco was awesome.  Oh My Gogi, I was disappointed by.  It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great in my opinion.  I will give it another try, next time the Korean beef taco.  Frosted Betty was present, but sold out. 

I thought FT Festival idea was fun.  We got there late so it wasn't as great, but it doesn't matter because once you're finished eating, you really just end up leaving because there wasn't much else to do.  Regardless, I'm so glad I got a chance to go to this event.  I've been wanting to try these specific food trucks.  You probably don't know this, but I read an article in a foodie magazine about how many restrictions these food trucks have.  This FT phenomenon is just hitting Houston, now probably at the beginning of the tipping point, but they need a lot of support.  So, go and find one and grab lunch there because it's fun, cheap and good!

I'll definitely be at this Food Truck Friday event, starting June 24.  Hope to see ya there!

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