Monday, May 30, 2011

Houston's HIWI Co-founder Randy Twaddle

With much excitement, I recently saw a client of mine, Randy Twaddle, on the History Channel's "How the States Got Their Shapes" with Brian Unger.  I about fell out of my chair upon seeing him appear on this random show I happen to be watching.  Here he's being interviewed by Brian Unger about Houston's infamous no zoning laws in front of the Beer Can house, which is rare for a metropolitan city in the US.

It's just strange how I've noticed Randy's ubiquitous presence in Houston once meeting him.  A very talented and successful artist known for his drawings and designs in art exhibits nationwide, co-founder of ttweak, and co-creator of HIWI (Houston, It's Worth It), as well as a designer of rugs exhitibed and sold at Carol Piper Rugs.  He's gone out on his own now, he'll be presented in the Moody Gallery at  2815 Colquitt  Houston, 77098 next Saturday, June 4, @6-8pm.

He's an amazing artist!  Go check him out at!

I would have no idea how this piece is put together, but he apparently traces the transistor, modifies/sections off the piece, then carefully pours coffee onto the canvas.  Goregous! 

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