Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Barnaby's Cafe

Thought I saw something somewhere say Barnaby's Cafe and decided it was not a new restaurant but a new way to describe the Barnaby's restaurants.  But then, I was in downtown and saw it and instantly wanted to go at that moment!  Instead I went a couple of weeks later.  Somehow Barnaby's always seems to trap so much noise in their restaurants, it's very loud!  I still like the atmosphere.  It's the corporate crowd.  Our food comes out and it's adorable as usual.  I thought my egg salad sandwich tasted more wet and more mayoee.  They also had their own homemade chips at this location, which I have not seen that before, but I think maybe it's because I usually get fries.  I only ate half of my sandwich, which is normal, but I just couldn't get myself to eat the other half as a snack later and now...I think I'm officially over the egg salad sandwich.  I would still go back though!  C'mon it's Barnaby's!

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