Thursday, June 6, 2013

Torchy's Tacos (Shepherd)

Another place I have been meaning to visit since they opened, some ago, probably a year now.  They did that weird change of names before opening and I was just never really that interested in going.  I had heard they came down from Austin, heard that the location here wasn't as good as Austin, then I saw them open a locaiton in Rice Village...all this floating around in my head and still somewhat interested in visiting, but not a whole lot of motivation.  So yesterday, Matt, Eth and I decide we want to do something easy, casual, kind of maybe festive, good crowd, so I yelp and Torchy's comes up and we decide, eh ok, let's try it.
On entering, you walk in through the outdoor patio and it's actually kind of dark, not a whole lot of lighting.  Not as festive as I was picturing in my head, but not bad still a decent crowd.  The interior was simple, we walk up to the counter, there are these two guys with these really groovy afros.  The black guy pictured here helped us and he was super nerdy cool and was very nice and helpful.  I was leaning towards the Independent taco that had a ton of veggies.  I told our super nerdy cool helper I lean more towards veggies and not towards heavy meats, and he suggested I try the Fried Avocado.  I was a bit hesitant, but decided to order both, food picture #1.  (Fried Avocado on left, Independent on right).  He knew what he was talking about, the Fried Avocado was really good and had great combination of flavors wich a nice kick and textures, while the Independent was kind of bland tasting.  I had both on corn, but you can pick.  Each taco is $3.50!
Our helper says the top three listed on the chalk board are the most popular, which are Green Chile Pork, Fried Avocado and the Trailer Park.  Matt ordered the Green Chile Pork and the Mr. Pink.  He said the Green Chile Pork was amazing.  I tried his Mr. Pink (ahi tuna) and I thought that was good too, but we both thought the pork barbacoa was really good.  Our helper gives good advice!  Eth got just two plain beef tacos.  We also ordered the chips and salsa and it looked simple enough but was actually really good too, nices spices and flavors.  We all really liked the experience, overall food was great, environment was casual and the staff were great helpers.  Me gusto mucho!

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