Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Teahouse (Memorial)

I used to be a big Teahouse groupie, or maybe their #1 customer.  I haven't had one in a while but this new location made me kind of crave it.  So, for old times sake I stopped in on my way out of Snap Kitchen, which is next door.  On a side note, the Chicken Butternut squash is really good, must try.  So is the Buffalo Quinoa good it makes you think this can't be healthy.  Ok, so anyways, I get me a milk tea, and they said it's buy one get one free.  Awesome!  It comes out to just under $5, which is outrageous, but I don't think prices changed all that much.  It's amazing how expensive these types of teas and coffees are!  Anyways, it was good and it was just as I remembered it.  I had mine with the regular boba and took the free one back to the office to share with Alexa.  They also had macaroons and other fun things. 

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