Thursday, June 27, 2013

Canino Farmer's Market (Airline)

So, I'm out with my mom today, helping her with some errands and since we're in the neighborhood she decides she wants to go to the Airline Farmer's Market.  I vaguely remember going to it in my childhood, but I have never been in my adult life.  She says when we were children she would go all the time and buy hoards of veggies and stock up.  She says it was cheap. 

I love farmer's markets so we decide to stop by.  It's so close to my neighborhood and my work, I can't believe it's just a stone's throw and I'm just now going to this.  It's big, real big.  It's really cool like neat, but it's hot, like temperature.  I question if it's cheap.  If it is, it's not by much.  Walking in, I'm starting to vaguely remember going here.  As a child, I remember not liking it so much...I think I found it boring.  The heat is starting to trigger some memories too.  I think I would like coming here more if it was cooler.  It's a little unbearable for me, although they do have these big fans blowing air in...still hot.

As I'm walking, I decide I'll pick up a few things.  I really don't think it's that much cheaper, but can't be for sure.  As I'm walking my basket out to the outdoor area, the cashier yells out, "you can't take those groceries out of here, you have to pay!".  Oh, I didn't realize they were different businesses.  I only missed the several cashiers set up at the end of this warehouse!  So, I leave my basket behind while I check out the rest of the little shops.  I really love this whole concept, but I'm still's hot and I'm thinking I would rather be in an air conditioned space right now.  I'm starting to sweat too and it's making me feel uncomfortable especially since I have to do some work later.

I'm persuaded into buying one of these mouth watering mangoes on a stick.  It's $1 for the small one, $2 for the big one.  He asks, spicy or regular?  I get the regular.  As I peel off the plastic wrap, I'm thinking...did he wash his hands when he cut this?  Ah whatever, some dirt never hurt anyone.  I think it's really cool how they jammed up a stick into this mango, it's so nifty.  I shall return....when it's cooler.  I'll have to come again with a friend or the boyfriend and see what they think to put the final thoughts together about this whole farmer's market least on being a regular thing.  Anyways, it's definitely neat, go by on a cooler day and let me know if you think it's priced cheaper, like my mom says.

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