Friday, November 29, 2013

London/Paris - Day One

Only took an entire day of traveling to get to Paris, but I'm not complainig.  It was still enjoyable and I'm still pinching myself.  We arrived in London, beautiful!  Even though we only got to see the inside of the airport and train station.  I have been here before, but it will be nice to spend our last day in London on our final day of our honeymoon.  Thanks to Bruno for being so caring and helpful about gettng us around London, his hometown.  Bruno, you're the best!

It's cold here in Europe, but not unabearable, mid 40s.  I have to get me some ear muffs, but in the mean time I'm trying on a few pairs.  I look like a fob here!  Our hotel is pretty extravagant...until you get to the room.  Twin beds pushed up together!  Reminds me of grandma's place.  And you know, I love big cities, so I love the city noise coming from our balcony...ambulence sounds, horns honking, tires squealing, intermittent sounds of construction, love it all!  I'm in Paris....with my's still all so weird!

We settled in and decided to go out for food.  Frenchies aren't the healthiest peple are they?  How do they stay so thin?!  We could not ignore the waffle stand on the know, I am not an overhyper...but the waffles were sooooo good!  We got a regular and a chocolate.  I should have taken a better picture of the chocolate waffles.  It looked like a bear claw with black toe nails, which was the chocolate, and not just on the ends, but all the way through.  It was so crispy and tasty, perfect balace of waffle and sweetness, it was sooooo delicious!  I need to get me another one of those!'s my the photo buying our waffles.  He's so nice, he lets me peruse the street vendors and do whatever I want to do, eat whatever I want to eat, and shop and look at wherever I want to, while it's cold and our fingers are frozen.  he's such a good husband.

Look!  They have rentable street bikes here just like they do in Houston and NY!  On our way to dinner, we decide our intended destination, found through yelp, is a bit too far away and decide on a local restaurant.  I had the steak frites and Matt had the lamb frites.  We'll have to stick to the plan next time.  It's 8:42am here and I can't wait to get the day started, but someone is still sleeping!  Ok, that's it for now!

I'm married...and in Paris!  It's so weird!

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