Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last Single Lady Post

It's about that time, a few days left before the wedding.  Yes...I am a little nervous about it all going smoothly.  It's supposed to rain and drop to 54 degrees this Saturday and we forgot it gets dark around 5pm...which means half of the ceremony will be in the dark and it will be cold!  Not to mention, I twisted my foot while running last week and so just now getting over a limp.  If that wasn't bad enough, my right eye has been feeling irritated the past days and I woke up yesterday morning with a swollen right eye, turns out I have an eye infection.  I'm bracing myself for more to come, but hoping for the best.  As for now, it's not too bad and my limp is getting better and my eye too.  In times like these, it's good to remember what's important…that I am marrying my best friend and the next time I post, I will be Mrs. Eaker…in spirit, since I won't be changing my name.  Ok all, praying for a sunny day Saturday!  Toots!

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