Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Post Wedding Post & Tips

So…I'm married now.  It's very strange, this whole day has been.  Not completely strange, but just a little strange.  It's like a new sense of love.  A deeper one.  Is that too much to blog about?  It started mostly at the ceremony.  The ceremony was so surreal.  No one ever tells you how surreal it is.  I don't think I've ever heard that.  It's like I was in a dream.  It was beautiful, my most favorite part.  It's just like they have the most fun, it goes really fast, and the day after you debrief about all the happenings.  It was awesome, I loved it all and want to thank everyone for coming, it made it that much more special.  Thanks to all our family and friends for coming and supporting us on one of the most important days.

Ok, so…my tips post wedding.  I had these thoughts throughout the day and new I needed to post for those pre-wedding brides before I forget.

First and most importantly, know that things will go awry…really awry.  The week of my wedding I pinched a nerve in my foot which left me with a limp.  I got an eye infection 5 days before the wedding which made it absolutely impossible for me to wear make up in one eye.  Matt's wedding shirt got shrunk.  The restaurant decides we need to change the floor plan, party favors get royally screwed up, dealing with momzilla, girls' appointments get lossed, needless to say, I had a melt down…with my make up artist…on the way to my rehearsal dinner.  But, once I walked into the venue and saw my family and friends and then Matt's family, it immediately changed.  The point is…expect it…things will go wrong, there cannot be a perfect wedding, as far as your details go.  Remembering, the point is…and it takes work to really absorb this point, it's about the fact that you're getting married to the person you love, your best friend, and everything will work out, maybe not like you envisioned, but nobody notices those details anyways.  So letting go, really letting go and expecting the mishaps, and reminding yourself…you are getting married to your love, in the presence of your loved ones.

If you want things perfect, hire a wedding coordinator for the day.  I think it would be worth it.  I, on the other hand, did not want to pay for one, so I had my friend and bridesmaid help manage.  She did awesome, but she can only do so much as she is part of the wedding party.  So, it's nice to let friends relax and instead pay a professional and not have to worry about the day deets.

My husband's tip...that's still so weird to say..."my husband".  But, he says to try to stay within the budget and that it's just one day.  I had a great time at my wedding, so I was ok with going over the budget a bit, but we did try to stay within budget, which is nice, after it's all said and done.  He also says that it doesn't make the day any less stay within the budget.

Try to absorb every minute and really enjoy it.  I remember those quiet moments with my bridesmaids, in the hotel, getting ready, and in the wine room before the ceremony.  We had a lot of time and I got to really enjoy each moment.  Again, it does go really fast as people say it does, but I just remembered trying to take it all in and now, I still remember those moments.

I would really invest in a good photographer.  A really good one...that follows you everywhere, is in your shadow, basically.  I would also hire a great videographer.  It all goes so quickly and you really don't get to see a lot of things.  I kept saying I wish I was like a fly on the wall.  With a really good photographer and videographer, I think you can be.

I would definitely go see a nutritionist a few months before your wedding day.  I had been wanting to find one and happen to get a chance 6 weeks before the wedding day and it made my wedding day perfect!  I can't tell you how many people noticed the difference it made.  It made my workouts even more effective on my physique...probably my biggest push...go hire a nutritionist!

Ok, that's it for now.  I don't want to make this into a novel.  I'll post again soon.  A few photos...starting with our rehearsal dinner.  Enjoy!

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