Monday, December 2, 2013

Paris - Day Five

We're still here!  After today, one more day and we're off to London!  Today, we make it to our reservation at Claus and enjoy it very much.  I love the restaurant décor, atmosphere, food, it's all very cute.  Though they did turn us away a little rudely yesterday for not having a reservation, but that's ok, I forgive them and made a strong effort to judge them on my experienced for this day. It was a very small restaurant, but lots of big charm.  I even liked the stairs up to the dining area.  I really like restaurants with good food and do it all in a charming way.  So, yes, I did like Claus overall.  Lemon cake was amazing!

We then followed brunch with a 2 hour pastry and chocolate tour.  By the end of it, we were so stuffed and chocolated out, we were praying for it to end soon.  We did a quick lock on the bridge, threw the keys into the water and skipped on over to the Louvre, looked at some art and stopped by a wine bar and had two plates of cheese, charcuterie, and wine.  Another good day!

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