Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tiger Den (Bellaire/Chinatown)

Ramen.  It's the new hot, "it" food.  On Christmas Eve, whatelse would be the perfect meal?!  Well, we figured, Asian food might be our only option, so Tiger Den it is!  Actually, I was quite excited to try this new restaurant.  There are no reservations, you get there, sign in on the list, taped on the outside of the door and then you get called in.  We ended up seeing the owner outside, which I recognized her from Aka Sushi.  She is one of the owners and we chatted a little outside.  I told her I had read they researched by flying to San Francisco, NYC, China, etc.  She confirmed and shared a lot about her experiences.  She mentioned that it takes such a long time to cook the soups that they can only sell 300 bowls a day.  They're only opened for evening service.  She also mentioned that the effort to cook Ramen soup versus Pho soup takes such an exponentially longer time, but yet is only $0.05 cents more, she is not bitter, but she jokes about it.  She's cool.
We finally get in, we are sat at the community table, which I didn't mind. You also get to see what other people are eating.  We decided to go with the veggie starters.  We got the cucumber, eggplant, mushroom medley, oh and the chicken skewers, which our server suggested as top choices.  They were all really good.  My favorite was the eggplant...I still think about it today, it was so good.  The flavor was just good.  We both got the garlic black bean.  This is the first time I have ever eaten ramen at a restaurant, so I'm not sure what to compare it to.  But, compared to ramen from a package,'s definitely a higher quality.  I thought the soup and the veggies in it tasted good.  The pork was tender, but a little too fatty for me.  But, there weren't other options.  They all have the pork in the 4 different choices of ramen soups on the menu.  I heard the spicy miso was really good too.  The ramen is $8.00, not bad.
I would go back again.  It's a bit of a drive for me, but for that eggplant and the other veggie starters would be worth a drive, but it definitely wouldn't be an often occurrence.  It's definitely worth a try.

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