Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day Six & Final Day in Paris

It's our last day here and also happens to be my birthday.  This morning, I come out of the bathroom and realize my husband has made more of an effort than he's been pretending to.  It's exactly what I have been wanting, a Garmin watch!  Also, he made plans for a package of dinner at the Eiffel tower, show at the Moulin Rouge, and a cruise on the river, but they sent us a note today that they had no availability and so we decided just to have a low key day and get lost in Paris.

We always start the day off by stopping off at Starbucks before our long walk to breakfast.  We also like to see what name they'll write on his coffee cup. This time they got it exactly right.  We then walked 1.5 miles to Bob's Kitchen and realized we did not walk into a breakfast place, but a vegan lunchie type place.  It was actually charming, small, simple, kind of modern, but I was a bit hesitant and Matt was disappointed.  But, we decided to go ahead and stay and we went with our server's suggestions, veggie stew with tomato sauce and mine, pad thai.  We were both very surprised at how flavorful and light our meals were.  It's interesting how healthy our food looks, but really they were both so tasty and good.  We also had him bring us 2 desserts, and the chocolate cookie was amazing!  I mean besides the fact that it was a chocolate cookie in a vegan restaurant, I mean the cookie was just stinking good.  We were both pleasantly surprised about all the food.  We enjoyed our entire experience very much.

We continued our walk out of China town and into some shopping area, crossed the bridge, revisited our lock on the bridge, just to see if we could find it again, and we did.  We roamed the streets of Paris and later headed to Josselin Creperie and had the best crepes I've ever had in my life!  We ended up sitting next to a couple who once lived in Houston and who's daughter still does and actually lives off of Washington corridor like we do....small world.  They recommended we go to Gambino's and order any pizza, so we did...several hours later, that is.  Although, it does feel like all we do here in Paris is eat.  In between we roamed the streets some more, ran into Louis Vuitton where Matt purchased me a very nice and unexpected Christmas present.  By the way, it is true, LVs are a bit cheaper in Paris and there is no tax!

Gambino's was a great recommendation.  We loved the atmosphere and the food.  We walked home and ended our final day in Paris.  We had a great time here and we're off to London tomorrow.  Last picture below sums up how I felt about my trip in Paris.  Au revoir, Paris!  Hope to see you again one day! 

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