Monday, July 18, 2011

New York Day 2

I don't know how I had never been to Central Park between my father living here and the many many many times I had traveled here.  It had to be 4-5 hours of walking around the park, absolutely gorgeous, amazing way to spend a day.  Had some local Italian food near CP, delish.  Got a chance to try the much anticipated Magnolias Bakery, which is totally overhyped.  Other items are probably much better, so I hear, but cupcakes are so so.  I still think Celebrity Cupcakes in Houston are better.  But MB is really cute, decor very charming.  I'd recommend going, but try one of the other baked goods and not the cupcakes.  We finished with High Line, the old overhead train trail converted into a park is an amazing idea and feat!  I'm beat, today was a great day.

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