Friday, July 15, 2011

Brasserie 19 (Second Visit)

On my second visit, to this place I already love, I asked our server to suggest something good.  He suggested the Hen with Mash Potatoes and Spinach and I was a little hesitant because Hen isn't the most yummiest or tastiest item on the menu, usually.  Though I was a little apprehensive, I went with it.  On food arrival I was still a little...ehh...and as I tasted everything, I thought, wow, this is really tasty.  As I kept eating...(and I did eat the whole thing)...I, I feel like closing my eyes while I'm eating...yes, that good.  Janice got the Shrimp Salad, said it was good, a little salty.  I didn't try it, as I'm not a shrimp fan.  We were so full, but as you all know, we always have that extra compartment for dessert.  I got the Berry Sensational Shortcake, she got a fruit cup thing, not on the menu...sooooo full, but I took a break and finished it, and it was yummy.  Coffee was brought out in a French press and was also very strong, which I like.  Our server was very mellow and friendly and I thought he made an excellent suggestion...again...a great experience!

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