Thursday, July 7, 2011

Curayoga Sawyer Heights

I used Living Social coupon to try this class.  Curayoga is a little past the Target on Sawyer Heights off of Spring.  Driving up, I liked the idea of it being in this old brick warehouse building in the Art District, definitely cool.  Even as I'm walking up, I'm thinking, these are cool digs.  I walk in, empty, walk upstairs, empty, I hear voices...I see a class is going on.  The online schedule said the class starts at 7:15pm, I'm there at 7:05pm, so I'm thinking this class must be the previous class.  I walk around the small lobby area, sit down, doo do doo...I peek in the class and the instructor sees me, comes and gets me, says the class started at 7pm and that the online schedule must be wrong.  After class, we discuss the schedule, apparently no one has ever mentioned it to them...I find that odd.

During class I was finding myself not totally loving my experience.  I did like the fact that sweat beads were falling down my forehead, but still...there was just something that was missing for me about the experience.  Maybe it's a feeling, maybe it's energy, I'm still not sure.  I found myself feeling a sense of loneliness there or something.  It just didn't have a good vibe in there for me.   I also found they had too many yoga relics in there.  Those creepy hand and eye relics, funky animal human images, just too much for me.  But, it may be great for you if you like that kind of stuff.  I gave my month's membership away to my coworker, Jodie, if that says anything.

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